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Household HQ provides the tools and training to the client to become a vigilant, sustainable, and capable entity.  No more leaning on people that the client never meets, relying on professionals without industry experience, or not knowing what to do when something doesn't go according to plan.


Accountability will drive success.  

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The process of making you safer.

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An understanding of the current status of the client is the best way to find out where to start.  Assessments take into consideration current practices, perceived threats, and actual threats to the client. Risks and gaps are defined at this stage to mitigate through other phases.



Equipment and supplies often help clients become more sustainable and self sufficient.  The goal in this phase is to make sure that the correct equipment is in place and consider how the client will properly utilize the equipment in the development and implementation phases.  



Household HQ stands out in this phase as many other companies stop at just supplying equipment with out proper support on how to best use it.  Household HQ also develops plans to assist clients in the proper actions to take in many scenarios.  No more waiting for the call to come in and hoping that help arrives in time. 



Every plan needs proper execution.  This is the support phase of Household HQ.  The goal here is to finally bring in all other phases,  including equipment and development, to allow the client to execute through training so when the real day comes, everyone is fully prepared. 

Multi-field Experience

We utilize experts in their respective fields to develop the most up to date guidance and practices to make sure our clients get the safest environment that they can. Each category of expertise provides clients with years of experience to leverage.  Household HQ then passes that information and expertise to the client in a clear, understandable format to adopt . 

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