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Side Kick Personal First Aid Kit

Side Kick Personal First Aid Kit

Introducing the Side Kick IFAK Personal First Aid Kit - the perfect companion for any hero in need of first aid on the go. This compact and versatile kit is designed to handle everyday minor injuries and keep you ready for any situation. Use it as a stand-alone kit or easily add it to your MyFAK for even more first aid capability while you're on the move. The Side Kick IFAK is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect solution for those who want to stay prepared without being weighed down. Don't go into the field without your Side Kick - because every hero needs a reliable sidekick.

  • Specs

    HEIGHT 7.5 in

    WIDTH 5.5 in

    DEPTH 1 in

    WEIGHT 14.2 oz

  • Product Highlights

    Product Highlights:

    • Over 70 first aid items
    • Extra space so you can organize and customize (to fit your needs)
    • Hypalon MOLLE panel is highly durable & lightweight
    • High-end metal clip makes your kit easy to find in an emergency
    • The perfect IFAK pouch
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