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Safety and Security 
Beyond the Keypad

Household HQ offers a variety of options to keep you safe at home and while you are out.  Just another way that we go Beyond the Keypad to keep you ready.

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Home Readiness

Ready your home and your family with a bespoke home security and safety solution.  Household HQ offers both traditional and nonconventional options to ensure the proper fit for your home and household.  

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Home Security
Workplace Safety and Security

Workplace Readiness

Ready your workplace with the proper training and equipment. Don't let an emergency catch you off guard, get your whole team ready by preparing today!

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School Security and Safety

School Readiness

It does not matter if you are a private or public school, high school or preschool, all are vulnerable. Get your team ready to protect the most vulnerable and prepare for an emergency with Household HQ.

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Church Security

Worship Readiness

No matter the creed, Household HQ will help you worship safely.  All have the right to worship freely and feel safe while doing so. Get your leadership, staff, and congregation prepared. 

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