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Comprehensive end-to-end safety and security. 

No matter where you are.

Beyond the Keypad.


Home Readiness

From traditional security products to emergency training, we keep you ready to respond so that you can relax and feel comfortable where you need it most.

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Workplace Readiness

Work is likely the place that most Americans will spend the most time outside of their own home.  Don't compromise on safety just because you are outside of your comfort zone.

Worship Readiness

Americans are at risk today because of their religious practices.  You have the right to worship however you see fit.  No matter your creed, we will work to ensure your freedom!


School Readiness

Children are often targeted for violence and need to be protected at all costs. No matter the type of school we are here to help keep you prepared for emergencies.  

Security Planning


Household HQ provides real security and safety consultancy so that you get a true comprehensive solution, not random equipment you may not even use. 

Security Planning


Learn about all of the risks you have in or outside of your home, business, house of worship or school and how to reduce those risks to live safer.  That's how Household HQ goes beyond the keypad.

Our Happy Clients

"Instructor was excellent and highly recommend!"

Bob Hoste, GM

Safe Harbor Marinas

Househould HQ Blog

3 HQ Blog

Learn more from Household HQ through our free blog! Get great information and product recommendations from our founder.

Reolink Security Cameras

Online Store

See our latest equipment that we offer to bring our clients the best in the business. Buy great products right from our store or book services from us.

Neighborhood Safety


Check out our public events, book tickets, or even schedule your own event! Beyond the Keypad means we come to you.

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