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The 121 Project

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Why we are here


In 2011, the father of Household HQ founder, David Kohl, had a medical emergency while working in law enforcement. Although he was not wounded in the line of duty, it still caused him to retire early after nearly 30 years of service at the rank of Detective.  Thankfully, he was able to survive the ordeal with the support of fellow law enforcement on duty. 121 was his badge number before he retired. 


Everyday law enforcement faces stress, long hours, and dangerous situations.  Whether an officer is facing being wounded in the line of duty or carrying home PTSD after the shift, The 121 Project is here to help. With funds directly from Household HQ as well as various fund raisers, we are able to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies via medical training and mental health support. 

Our Mission

The 121 Project is here to help Law Enforcement with the burdens of the job by offering funding for mental health assistance, medical training for on the job, and medical equipment for officers. 

Law enforcement has been regularly ranked as one of the ten most dangerous occupations in the United States. Department of Justice data estimates that approximately 16,000 officers suffer injuries after being assaulted on the job each year.  Recent studies also estimate almost 50% of law enforcement suffers from PTSD and are subject to higher rates of anxiety and depression. 

It is the mission of The 121 Project to ease the burden that takes its toll on the law enforcement community by offering training and assistance to help recognize, treat, equip, and provide assistance for officer mental health, and emergency medical treatment in the field. 


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